On the summer day, we took a good mood and

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On the summer day, we took a good mood and

Mesaj de ylq » 05-Sep-2018, 10:12:06

On the summer day, we took a good mood and took a brisk walk to the Yilingyan Scenic s located in Wuming County and is a typical karst karst cave. Yilingyan, Zhuang language called "Dragon Palace", meaning a cave as beautiful as a palace, named after the village of Yiling. Known as a treasure house of nature and art Marlboro Cigarettes Online, Yiling Rock is a famous scenic spot in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, only 21 kilometers away from Nanning. Yiling RoYilingyan Scenic Area is very strong. It is influenced by the local folk customs and Zhuang culture. Yiling Mountain Village reproduces the long-standing Zhuang national culture with its simple ethnic customs and simple architecture. Into the Yiling Mountain Village, there is a pleasant welcoming guest; the Zhuang people's unique bamboo dance, folk songs sinuntain, Children's Park, Leisure Promenade, Huanshan Road, celebrity poetry, and elegant Liang Manshan Hotel and Dafuhao Restaurant. In the scenic area, the monkeys in the mountainous area of ??the forest are in groups How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, and the full wild interest will make us feet the hole, I will find two male lions standing by the road, as if they are welcome guests from afar. This is the "double lion welcoming guests." Going forward, after a "bamboo tree" of "red fire", it came to the "strong township" full of harvest: the golden "rice spikes" piled up like mountains, the huge "corn" paved with gold and silver, each A variety of "melon dishes" are piled up in the house. In front of "Zhuangxiang" is a 360-degree stone ladder Marlboro Gold, which is increasingly dangerous. At this time, the tourists are on the "air corridor." It is a ladder when you walk down, and you have reached the lowest place in the ca full of doubts Cigarettes Cheaper, when they turned around, a vaulted hall stood out and saw the stone milk hanging upside down. The stone pillars rushed into the sky, as if they had entered a ��deep mountain jungle��. Continue to go forward Newport Cigarettes, you will also see "mountain landscape new appearance", "seaside park", "Jiangshan Duojiao" and other attractions, it by the strong earthy atmosphere and the magnificent color of Zhuang Township. It is more charming for the beautiful and beautiful town.

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