The ideal is to refer to the road

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The ideal is to refer to the road

Mesaj de ylq » 17-Aug-2018, 02:50:28

The ideal is to refer to the road star. Without ideals, there is no firm direction, and without direction, there is no life. All of us should have ideals Newport Cigarettes Price. Having an ideal is equivalent to having a direction in life. Without ideals, it is equivalent to a goal without struggle. ordinary people or people with disabilities have an ideal, life will have a direction, will not lose direction on some roads, as long as people who dare to pursue the ideal Cigarettes Online, will certainly achieve something in the future Marlboro Red 100S. Ideally Online Cigarettes, we may change with age, but I believe that the ideal age of maturity will not cha are a few examples. There is a woman named Huang Meilian who has suffered from cerebral palsy since she was a child. The symptoms of this disease are very alarming, because the limbs lose their sense of balance, the hands and feet will often move, and the words in the mouth will often be ambiguous, which looks very weird. According to her situation, the doctor determined that she could not live 6 years old. In the eyes of ordinary people, she has lost her ability to express her language and normal living conditions, let alone talk about her future and happiness. But she survived strongly, and with her tenacious will and perseverance, she was admitted to the famous American University of California and received her Ph.D. She relies on the brush in her hand, and she has a good hearing and expresses her own emotions. At a lecture, a student rushed to ask questions like this: "Dr. Huang, you have grown up like this since childhood. How do you see yourself? Have you ever had resentment?" The people present were secretly blaming the disrespect of the student. However, Huang Meilian did not feel a little unhappy Newport Cigarettes. She wrote such a few lines on the blackboard quite frank is the ideal of Huang Meilian's aunt to light up her life, and I also have my own ideals. My ideal is to be a moderator, as famous as Dong Qing��s aunt, as humorous as Uncle Zhu Jun, like... I know that I don��t necessarily have the advantages of so many hosts, but I firmly believe that as long as there is strong willpower, Naturally there will be energy, cleverness and knowledge. Although I used to be a teacher, I want to be a flight attendant, I want to be a writer... But I will definitely give up my goal, I will not give up easily, so I hope that everyone will not give up your own goay individual will set a goal for life from now on, starting from scratch and implementing life goals. Abandon the boring repetition of their mediocrity, try to tap their inner potential, and stimulate their own bright spots. I believe that no matter where the gold will shine sooner or later, no matter what difficulties or obstacles, it will succeed. New life begins on the date of the target.

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